How do I subscribe to groups?

You will only need a valid email address:

  • Click "Subscribe!" and a subscription form will apear with a captcha. Submit it and you will be able to subscribe news.
  • Check your emails, and click the verification link. (Check your spams if you can't find the mail in your box).
  • You will now be redirected to the settings page, and be able to configure your account.
  • Save your configuration and go to the main page.
  • Some checkboxes will now be available in front of each group. Check the ones you want to subscribe to and you will receive notifications for them.

Which type of notifications do you provide?

This website provide two types of notifications:

For more types of notifications, please contact us.

You can also use mobile apps!

Do you provide mobile apps?

Android app is available here: EpiNotifier

1st iOS app is available here: EpiReader

2th iOS app is available here:

They provide a lot of functionalities such as:

  • Browse and read news
  • Search news with filters
  • Receive notifications when news are posted

How to get a pushbullet API key?

  • Subscribe here.
  • Get the key on the 'Account Settings' page:
  • Paste it on the settings page of NG Notifier and save it.

Yet another News reader?

Not only... We developed this application with the aim of providing a notifying system.

You can indeed subscribe to our notification system by entering your email address in the form available in the navigation bar ("Subscribe!" button).

How notifications works?

Every minute our server checks for new news. When a new news is detected, we check if there are any followers for the corresponding group and then we send them emails and/or push notifications.

Are you updating the list of groups frequently?

Yes, every 24 hours we are checking the host for new groups.

Do you provide a post form?

Yes sure!

But you can't answer news for now. (Issue #3)

Do you have an API?

Yes! We provide an API @ /api.

Check out for more information. If you need advanced functionalities such as mobile notifications, please contact us.

Is there any guarantee?

No, but we do our best to provide high availability.

You want another host?

Ask us! :)

How to improve it?

This is an Open Source project, you can pull request @ We will be really happy to review your code, don't hesitate to simply correct indentation, JS, or PEP-8.

You can also contribute to mobile apps.